The Dewey Electronics Corporation has purchased various assets of Goodman Ball Inc and will be continuing to support their customers. Please go to for more information.

Military Product Line GBI has been providing military components and systems to the U.S. and foreign governments for nearly 30 years. Originally a contract manufacturer, GBI has supplied all types of military spare parts and support components before establishing itself as a premier designer and manufacturer of diesel-powered generators and water purification systems.

Humanitarian Product Line Much of the world's population does not have a steady supply of safe drinking water; to compound this situation, water-borne pathogens are a leading cause of death and disease. This problem is not limited to Third World countries either, as floods, earthquakes, fires, or man-made disasters often compromise the water supply. By using a water purification unit originally developed for the U.S. military, GBI has been combating this problem and saving lives for nearly three decades.

Industrial Product Line With GBI's experience in the field, we know the importance of having tools and equipment that work under the most extreme conditions. When industrial equipment fails, it's not simply an inconvenience, but can be both costly and dangerous. With these conditions in mind, GBI builds our products to withstand not only the rigors of the environment, but the inevitable abuse that industrial equipment can go through during use.

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