Goodman Ball - Contract Manufacturing

GBI began as a contract manufacturer in 1983 and has been producing parts, assemblies, and complete systems for the US and Foreign governments continuously since then.

Our mix of manufacturing expertise and reliable subcontractors has allowed us to be competitive in the supply of a wide variety of military components. From simple machined castings to complex electromechanical and hydraulic systems, there is little that GBI cannot manufacture.

The following is but a small sample of the products that GBI builds and supplies to the world's governments.

(NSN 4925-01-154-8804) Transfer System, Ammunition:
Used to replenish 20mm ammo on aircraft.

(NSN 4730-00-986-6980) Swivel Joint, Pipe:
Used on M578 Vehicle

(NSN 1420-01-015-4042) Arm, Rocker, Aft:
Used on the Chaparral Surface to Air Missile

(NSN 1660-00-0056-1393) Condenser, Seperator:
Used on F-5 and T-38 Aircraft

(NSN 1660-00-770-7874) Valve:
Used on C-130 Aircraft

(NSN 6685-01-363-0359) Gage, Pressure, Dial indicating:
Used for checking air status on various aircraft

(NSN 4910-00-267-9126) Bead Breaker, Pneumatic:
Used for servicing aircraft tires

(NSN 4320-01-035-0725) Pump, Hydraulic Ram, Hand-Driven:
Used on F-15 Aircraft Landing Gear System

(NSN 4730-00-587-6937) Coupling Assembly, Hose:
Used for Ventilation during aircraft service

(NSN 1660-01-011-3265) Seperator, Water, Aircraft Air Conditioning System:
Used on C-130 Aircraft

(NSN 1660-00-875-7375) Shell Assy, Outlet:
Used on C-130 Aircraft

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