Design Philosophy

With over 25 years of supplying military equipment, GBI knows what it takes to make its products last under the most demanding conditions and this is especially true of our diesel-generators. Every generator GBI designs is rugged, durable, and simple to operate. This approach is especially evident in GBI's selection of two of the major components in our generators: engine and alternator.

GBI uses only proven engines for our applications. For us to even consider an engine for use, it must have a proven track record as reliable, supportable, and easy to maintain. As a result, GBI is not tied to a particular engine manufacturer, but rather selects the best one for each application.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of C.E. Niehoff, the largest supplier of U.S. military alternators, we not only have their entire inventory of alternator models at our disposal, but the support of their Engineering Department as well. This gives GBI a vital advantage as a generator manufacturer.


Collectively, GBI's Engineering staff has over 60 years experience on the mechanical side and over 50 years experience on the electrical side. Combine this with the latest in computer-aided design and as a result, GBI has been able to continually introduce new generator designs to the market.

GBI can design generators of all shapes and sizes:

GBIs engineering capabilities are not limited by the talent of it's engineering staff or technical constraints of a given requirement, but only by the limited number of designs we choose to pursue.

As a manufacturer of specialized generators, there are often no readily available solution to vital components such as voltage regulators or inverters. Given GBI's in-house engineering capabilities, we can design and produce our own for each application.


Given the wide variety of equipment GBI has developed, we are very experienced in all manner of enviromental, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic testing. Most tests are completed in-house; for those tests that require more specialized equipment or conditions, GBI has a variety of test houses that we have worked with through the years that are more than capable of handling any tests that that the product requires.

Among the tests GBI equipment has undergone through the years are the following:

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