Model 1110
(NSN 6115-01-GL7-5923)

2.4kW AC/DC Open Framed Genset
             Designed to Operate in the Extreme Conditions

General Specifications
Engine: Hatz Diesel, 1B20, air-cooled, hand start
Alternator: GBI permanent-magnet alternator
Power output:
          Up to 2.4kW of AC or 2kw of 14/28-nominal DC charging
          (actual voltage set by throttle)

          AC: 120VAC60Hz-20amps GFCI receptacle-momentary overload capability for motor starting ability
                    Wave form distortion: < 5%
                    Frequency variation: < 1%
          DC: 14/28VDC (nominal) 86amps-rectified via Tweco 12/24 connector
Operating Temperature range: 20°F(-6.7°C) ~ 125°F (51.7°C)
Fuels: Diesel DF-1, DF-2 and JP-8
Fuel consumption: .33gph (1.2hLph) @ rated load
Fuel capacity/run time: 2 gallons (7.57liters)/6 hours @ rated load
Sound: < 78dBa @ 23' (7 meters)
Dimensions: 27"X18.5"X22" (68.5X46.9X56.9cm)
Weight-dry: 119lbs (54kg)

Hand-start, manual throttle control for rapid DC charging, digital DC amp/volt meters, AC output indicator and output circuit breaker, digital hourmeter

Rapid battery charging, general purpose use

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