Model 3310
20kW DC
Designed to Operate in Extreme Conditions

General Specifications
Engine: Kubota Diesel, 2403 Turbo, Water-cooled, 24V electric start
Alternator: CEN permanent-magnet alternator
Power output:
          20kW of DC           DC: 28VDC 714amp current limited regulator
                    Voltage regulation: < 5%
Operating Temperature range: -25°F (-31°C) ~ 125°F (51.7°C)
Fuels: Diesel DF-1, DF-2 and Jet Fuel JP-08
Fuel consumption: 3gph (12lph) @ rated load
Sound: Determined by application
Dimensions: 52"X30"X19" (132X76X48cm)
Weight-dry: 850lbs (385kg)

Remote panel customized for application, Local controls available.

Military vehicles-tracked (fuel supplied by vehicle) or standalone applications


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